Are you seeking Peace, Joy, Hope, Forgiveness, Strength, and the desire to be Heard?

Dr. Alicia Delgado-Gavin

Dr. Delgado-Gavin is recognized as an inspirational speaker and teaches her audience members how to apply positive coping strategies to everyday trials and tribulations. She addresses topics, such as past trauma and triggers, that may have an impact on an individual’s life daily. She encourages people to tap into the part of themselves that most people hide from and to work on pulling those hurtful and negative feelings out of themselves. She does not only empower her audience members, but she also gives them a voice to be heard and to speak their truth.

Dr. Delgado-Gavin also shares strategies to couples on how to communicate effectively and how to be receptive towards each other’s wants and needs. She provides the couples with tools that they can utilize daily to ensure that they are meeting their goals with increased physical, emotional, and psychological intimacy shared between one another.

Audiences and individuals will walk away feeling as though Dr. Delgado-Gavin is not just ‘a’ psychologist, but as ‘their’ personal psychologist who has encourages them to be a better them everyday. She gives them the opportunity to share and disclose things without being judged.

Dr. Delgado-Gavin will provide a multitude of resources for anyone dealing with suicide, depression, domestic violence, behavioral and mental disorders, and mindfulness meditation practices.

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Bestseller Book

Tears Behind the Smile

Have you ever felt as though the walls were caving in on you and you couldn’t breath? Have you ever felt alone and like no one understands you? Have you ever felt trapped, as though you could not get away from the toxicity in your life? This vicious cycle of anxiety, depression, poor self-worth, is growing daily around the world and I am here to help those find balance and peace in their lives.
I was once in a dark place and felt as though I could not pull myself out. That tumultuous time in my life inspired me to write my book Tears Behind the Smile. This book will empower you, give you hope, and show you that anything is possible with grit, tenacity, and faith.