Dr. Alicia Delgado-Gavin

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Dr. Delgado-Gavin is available for Conferences, Workshops, Panel Discussions & Seminars

Dr. Alicia Delgado-Gavin has spent over 15 years working in the social services field assisting clients with a gambit of behavioral and mental health disorders. Educated at Hofstra University, Dr. Delgado-Gavin specialized in marriage and family relationships, suicide prevalence, domestic violence awareness, and empowerment

Dr. Delgado-Gavin continues to provide counseling services to officers and individuals with major mood and personality disorders as well as substance abuse disorders. Dr. Delgado-Gavin works with families and couples to provide support and foster positive coping mechanisms to increase positive communication and growth within a family dynamic.

Although Dr. Delgado-Gavin loves to provide individual and family counseling services, she also continues to coach, mentor and facilitate seminars where she encourages others to seek help when needed, identify unhealthy relationships, identify when they feel mentally unstable and how to get help.

In addition to private counseling services and speaking at seminars, Dr. Delgado-Gavin is the author of the book titled, Tears Behind the Smile, which is based on her personal experience as survivor of domestic violence. She believes that people need to be heard but have a hard time acknowledging and expressing how they feel. Dr. Delgado-Gavin loves to empower others and provide people with a sense of hope, peace & joy.

Most Requested Speaking Topics

  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Domestic Violence-Signs, Prevalence & Empowerment
  • Mental Health Prevalence in the Black Community & Suicide Prevalence 
  • How to Obtain and Maintain Healthy Relationships and Marriages
  • Maintaining One’s Own Happiness & Identity within a Marriage/Relationship
  • Positive Mindset and Manifestations: How to Bring Love, Wealth, & Success into Your Life

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